Orange ya glad you’re in CA? …

Yes, it’s $45 a night with the Good Sam’s discount, and yes that seems expensive…but for full hookups and being surrounded by orange trees loaded with fruit? Priceless!  This will become one of my favorites, you can walk around and just pluck the sweetest Valencia oranges right off the tree.


The spots are roomy, there are two off leash areas for dogs as well as a track around the property to walk them.  There is a laundry room and bathrooms, as well as a pool.

A fruit and nut stand is within walking distance of the park.  There are samples galore, and all kinds of tasty treats.  We went, hoping for a date shake, but they were all out until the next day.  There is a factory for boxing  and shipping the delicious oranges from the area.  I found it a bit sad, because obviously the ones being boxed up in the factory were on their way overseas.  It’s the same with the apples and other produce in WA. The best is sent elsewhere, and we’re left with the poorer quality in our grocery stores.

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There was a fun car with a colorful wrap parked out front.  It was owned by an old hippie who was as colorful as his car. 🙂

Sadly, we are only here for one night, but we intend on being down to Indio for Christmas…and it’s getting close!



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