Time for repairs…

Our next home for two days, is at the Fontana Elks.  We were originally going to stay at an RV park in Jurupa, but they no longer offer the Passport America discount which made it too expensive.

The Fontana Elks turned out to be one of Korda’s and Kylie’s favorites.  It offers water and power for $20, but the selling point for the dogs is a huge, grassy fenced in area.  The girls found racing around the large, center bbq and meeting place, to be heaven.  They would race around one way for about 4 or 5 times then turn and race around the other way.


One of the reasons for choosing to stay here at this location is there is an RV repair place about 5 minutes away.  Those of you that have RVs know, but for those that don’t…it’s a constant process keeping things working.  The jarring of going down the road can play havoc on the vehicles.  That, as well as my coach is an 2004 and only had 10K miles on it, so it sat quite a bit.

Anyway, from the day I left my stabilizer jacks stopped working, my slide was starting to stick and not open/close smoothly, and my air conditioner wasn’t working.  None of it was much of a problem at this point, but I was going to need air conditioning and I didn’t need my slide to get stuck while out.

I called a repair place before we were expected to arrive, and German (pronounced Herman) answered, said he was just down the road and to give him a call when we got settled.  Herman Dominguez is the owner of Foothill RV Center, and I highly recommend him if you are needing service in the area.

fontana 6

He came out and worked to find the most reasonably priced fixes for my problems.  He ended up lubing all the moving parts on my slide and replacing a fuse, and it appears that problem is fixed.  The air conditioner he replaced a capacitor, but it had more issues so we decided the best fix would be to just replace the unit.  We decided to go with a more powerful unit, a 15,000 BTUs instead of 13,500 BTUs, for a little more money.   The HWH leveling jacks he suspects a circuit board and will try switching it out to see if that fixes the problem.

Herman told an interesting story yesterday when he first came out to see what my issues were.  He was standing at the shop and a dove flew down, flew right by a customer and his employee and landed on his head!!  The dove let him take it in his hands and caress it.  He said it looked as though it might have been attacked by a hawk, there was blood on the back of it’s neck.  He gave it some water, and it drank.  When they left for the evening, he left it in the shop with water and they planned to bring some food for it the next day.

Next, my hometown area!  I grew up in Palm Desert, CA and went to high school in Indio.  We will be staying at the Indio Elks.


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