A peaceful setting…..

After a long drive, we arrived at Success Lake Campground outside of Porterville, CA.  This campground is also known as Tule Lake Recreational area.   Power and water spots are $30, and they have a place to dump.

on the way to Portervilleporterville2porterville

porterville1success lake

This campground is next to a lake created by a reservoir. I’m sure this campground can be very crowded in the summertime, but we had lots of elbow room with only a few other RVs and a group of tent campers.  It was so peaceful and the light at sunrise and sunset plays across the mountains like watercolors.

success lake 4success lake 3

lake success

There are houseboat rentals, fishing and boating.  Bird watching was fun too, as the lake is a draw for migrating birds, as well as natives.   I saw Canadian Geese, American White Pelicans, large groups of Coots, a few Cormorants and I witnessed two Blue Herons doing an air battle for a choice spot along the water.


I wanted to let the dogs swim, though there was only a couple of spots to access the lake.  The banks are fairly steep, but there is a boat launch and a spit of land out by the houseboat rentals.  I let them swim from each location,  the water was a bit cleaner by the house boat docks(floating debris).

success lake 1success lake 2

This location was loaded with goatheads and other stickers.  My dogs couldn’t walk far without holding a foot up to have the sticker removed.

We went in for lunch to Porterville on our 2nd day.  Janet picked the best Mexican restaurant in Porterville!  I had Barbacoa tacos as well as a cerviche and fish tostada.  I also couldn’t leave without buying a cookie and piece of Mexican sweet bread.   Highly recommend if you find yourself in Porterville, the name is Panaderia Tortilleria Carniceria and it’s located 150 Main St.

success lake portervillesuccess lake porterville 1

Next, on to Bakersfield!!



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