A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike. -John Steinbeck

We traveled further south to the Salinas Elks to stay for 2 nights. $25 a night for power and water. There is a dump station for an additional $5.   It’s basically a gravel parking lot, there are a few grassy areas to walk the dogs.

The most memorable excursion was to the Steinbeck museum.  I remember crying reading The Red Pony as a kid, and as recent as last year I listened to Travels With Charley on CD while on the road to Utah. Touring the museum I realize that I need to read some more of his books.  I remember reading a few of his books during high school, but really don’t remember much about them.  Also, I would like to watch some of the great movies that were made from his books.  Do you have a favorite Steinbeck book or movie?

I didn’t realize that he was a war correspondent, and had traveled as much as he did.  If you get a chance to tour the museum I highly recommend it.

After we left we drove by the Steinbeck house as a gorgeous sunset was in the making.






The next day we packed up for a long drive to Porterville.



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