Name that Jeep!

My old SAR jeep has been recommissioned as my towed (toad) vehicle.  I used to name my vehicles when I was younger, but got away from that the more vehicles I’ve owned.

Now that I have started up some old childish habits by naming my RV Towanda, I think it’s only natural to name the Jeep as well. 🙂

Any ideas?


2 thoughts on “Name that Jeep!

  1. Well, according to Tolkein Bilbo Baggins composed that “not all who wander are lost” bit about the Dunedain, the rangers of the north….Strider, as the villagers called him, in particular.


  2. Howdy Tammy,
    Don’t know if we found the right place to comment or if we’re replying to Smoki’s comment, but here goes. We have an old 1947 Willys jeep we call Willy. Not very original so we put a little more thought into the namin’ of your Green toad. Our first thought was Jeremiah from Joy to the World (also known as Jeremiah was a Bullfrog) performed by Three Dog Night. Don’t know if that requires you to get another dog though. Ribbit was another thought and the two toads in The Kine Saga by AR Lloyd where Bufo and Bunda. Lookin’ forward to the next installment of Adventures Unleashed.


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