Mewsing on a cat….

   My intentions were good, I meant to blog at least every other day. Then the evening before Thanksgiving I came down with the flu.  Next day I was on the road, following Janet and Todd south to Kelso, WA where they had parked their class A motorhome “Big Al”.  Much of that day was a fog for me and I was grateful to pull into the Kelso-Longview Elks RV park late in the afternoon.
kelso longview elks
   I was happy to see that the sites at the Kelso Elks were pull throughs.  A feature that I really appreciated in my state.  It is $20 for power and water, and the sites were level and had enough space for me to set up a couple of exercise pens for  my dogs.
You have to be a member, but I can’t encourage people enough to become one.  They do so many good things for the community and they have RV parks all over the US for very reasonable rates.  The lodge is right there for food or drink.  A Calvary church is located on site, if you are so moved.
   The next morning we continued south into OR, the traffic started getting worse and worse until it was basically a crawl.  I noticed lots of college pride on the vehicles surrounding us, with as minimal as a flag or two, pom poms attached to the back of their vehicles, to a fully painted truck in Beaver colors with “Beaver Believer” painted on the back.  I should have figured it out at that point, but it took my sister informing me that it was their “Civil War” the Oregon Ducks vs the Oregon Beavers game that day.
   We chose to stay the night in Eugene rather than continuing on to Florence, so we wouldn’t be driving in the dark.  We stayed at Armitage County park, a lovely setting with spacious full hook up sites for $30 a night.  They have a fully fenced 2 acre dog park, which we took advantage of to help the dogs burn off some steam.   A pit mix was running around in the park when we got there, Korda and Kylie hit it off with him and then it was off to the races.  I normally don’t do dog parks but this one was large, clean and my dogs definitely needed some exercise!!
  Now, about the cat.  While in a Ny-quil stupor I hazily remember hearing what I thought was someone with a synthesizer playing a note that sounded like a cat mewing.  I faded in and out, hearing it each time I got close to waking up.  Finally, the dogs let me know they HAD to go out.  I put their collars and leashes on then flung the RV door open.  There, on my step, was a gray tabby cat looking up at me and it mewed at me.  (It was definitely a mew and not a meow).  Dogs on point, I said “hey! you better get out of here!” and it took off around the front of Towanda.  It didn’t leave though, just looked at us and continued mewing.  The dogs moved forward towards it, and then it hissed and took off. Returning to the coach after walking the dogs I wondered about that cat.
   I wondered if he had been left behind, or lived around there…possibly the person that had parked here prior had given him some food or treats?  I felt bad that my dogs ran him off.   Janet said the camp host had some cats so maybe it was one of his?  It’s a mystery I’ll never know the answer to,  I just hope he had a home.
   I will catch up this evening with another post of our stay so far in Florence.  Thanks for coming along!

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