Traveling companion #2 Korda de la Rouquine

Korda (Korda de la Rouquine) will be 4 years old in March. With the help of Kate Hogan, I was put in touch with Jeannette Bout in the Netherlands, a breeder of outstanding working Tervuren.  I wanted another working bred dog I could do IPO and/or Mondio with, and she chose Korda for me.  I couldn’t have asked for a better pup. 🙂

Korda is the daughter of Impact de la Rouquine IPO 1, IPO 2, deelcertificaat IPO 3, B/C Avelance certificat A

and Apache van Metcol’s Home PH-1 CL (433) Object CL (397) and PH-2 CL (425) and participant NK KNPV Eindehoven 2015 PH-2

We have trained in IPO and Nosework. We’ve also played with Barnhunt and Lure Coursing.  Korda also enjoys swimming, though maybe not quite as much as Kylie.  When we return to WA we will start competing in some different sports as well as start training for AKC tracking.

Korda is a very serious girl when it comes to interaction with strangers, tending to be civil (natural defensiveness against a perceived threat and would engage someone without equipment).  Though when she gets to know you she lets down her guard and can be very sweet.   To me she can be the funniest dog, she has a sense of humor and enjoys acting goofy. 🙂

My girls are the reason I feel safe traveling alone.  They are alert to  things going on around me, even when I’m not.  I think my decal on the door of Towanda says it all… 😉

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