Traveling companion #1 Sprite’s Great Adventure

I thought I would give a little write up on my traveling companions.  Kylie (Sprite’s Great Adventure) CGC NW1 L1C L1I, will be 11 years old in March.  She was my first working bred Belgian Tervuren and the one who got me hooked.

Kylie blog pink

kylie blog bitey

I got Kylie as a puppy from Denise Fenzi.  She is out of her OTCH Sprite’s Eureka SchH2 TD UDX “Raika”

and Brydon Christensen’s Gator de la Rouquine CDX RN “Gator”.


She was originally intended for SAR (which I had been participating with mounted and K9 for years) but before I could get her started I decided my aging body was holding back some of the young members on searches and I decided to resign.  I miss it often.


I am more of a person that loves the dog training, more than the competition.  So I trained Kylie in Schutzhund/IPO for a couple of years and never competed.  She loved the bitework and really had what it took to be an exceptional sport dog. I sometimes feel I let her and her breeder down in that aspect. This pic was just for fun a year ago, she really misses doing the bitework I think! 🙂

Kylie blog bite Christian

Kylie is the kind of dog that I think you could do any sport with and she would excel.  We did Nosework (and hope to take it back up when we return home in the spring). She got her NW1 first try as well as L1C and L1I.  I’d also like to do some AKC tracking with her in the spring.

kylie blog nw

She loves barnhunt and lure coursing (and would have no trouble titling).  Probably her most favorite thing, though, is swimming.

kylie blog swim

Kylie has a sense of humor, smiles (especially when she thinks she’s in trouble) and talks back to you. She also likes squealing on Korda.

   She has been a great traveling dog, nothing seems to faze her.  She acquires fans wherever she goes.  She is a heart dog and I hope for many more years together!



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