Wine-ing seconda parte

The nicest part about RV’ing after you retire, is you can stay in an area as long as you want before moving on.  We decided to stay another 2 days for a total of 5.  So much more to see and even that isn’t enough time to really see everything. I would enjoy a visit back to this area in the future.

Continuing visiting wineries, we went to a really memorable one next.  Ferrari Carano, with beautiful grounds, fountains ponds and sculptures, as well as the surrounding vineyards.   There are cork trees ( a kind of oak) which are amazing to touch and admire.  The first stripping of the cork bark occurs when the tree is between 15 and 20 years of age, with subsequent yields at 9 to 10 year intervals.

ferrari carano5ferrari caranoferrari carano1ferrari carano2ferrari carano7ferrari carano4ferrari carano3ferrari carano15ferrari carano8ferrari carano6ferrari carano14ferrari carano13

Inside the winery are framed menus of the meals served along with their wines at many White House dinners and lunches.  Hundreds of casks, thousands of bottles fill large rooms.  Definitely awe inspiring.

ferrari carano17ferrari carano11ferrari carano10ferrari carano16

From there we had an appointment for a private tour of A. Rafanelli vineyards.  A more humble but still beautiful vineyard.  We got to taste some wine (Zinfandel, Merlot, and a Cabernet) and tour their cellars.  They use French oak for their casks, which creates a smoother taste than the American oak.   They also grow olives here, and make olive oil. Just beyond the parking lot is a nice little garden with persimmon trees!  This winery also supports Northwest Battle Buddies, a program to match up PTSD service dogs with Veterans.



Next was a visit to the Family wineries. On the grounds is a barn that houses a collection of Sterling trucks used with harvesting the grapes.  One thing I noticed at many of the wineries…the dog of choice in all the vineyards appears to be yellow labs. 😉

family wineriesfamily wineries1family wineries3family wineries4family wineries7family wineries6family wineries5family wineries2

For dinner we met a friend of Todd and Janet’s at a top Italian restaurant in Cloverdale, Piacere. My choice for the evening was Chicken Veneziana .
Breast of chicken with artichoke and mushrooms in a light marsala sauce.

Back to the RV to get in my pajamas and relax with the girls.  Tomorrow we visit one of the most impressive places in the area, the Francis Ford Copolla winery.



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