A bit of England in the middle of a desert?

Of course, most people know the answer to this one…the London Bridge in Lake Havasu.  I was a young girl the first time I visited Lake Havasu.  All that was there of the London Bridge, at that time,  were some numbered blocks inside a chain link fence. Where there were a few homes and a tiny town became a thriving and growing city.

We stayed at the Elks here, in Lake Havasu City.  $25 a night for full hookups.  Spaces were nice and level and gravel.  The downside to this location is there really wasn’t a dog friendly area to walk your dogs.  They are expanding so there will be even more available spots.  The food, though!  Tiger prawns almost as big as your hand, and you could have them lightly battered and fried, or grilled.  I had them both ways, and both were delicious!  I heard their prime rib was also good…I just couldn’t break away from those prawns.

lake havasu elks 2lake havasu elks 1lake havasu

Lake Havasu is dog friendly though.  Lots of outside dining.  There is a roomy dog park, Lions Dog Park, just on the other side of the London Bridge from town.  It’s popular, so expect company.  If you continue on though, there is a dog beach for swimming.  That is where I went each day with my girls.  There was only other dogs there on one day, the other days I had it all to myself.

lions dog park lake havasudog beach 1dog beach lake havasu

A memorable adventure we went on while there was to visit the Desert Bar, aka Nellie E Saloon.  It was built on the site of a former mining camp.  It is located in the Buckskin Mountains, with the nearest town being Parker. It’s only open Oct-Apr, Saturdays and Sundays only, from high noon until 6 pm.  They have live music Oct-March (depending on weather) on Sat from 1-5pm and Sunday 12:30-4:30. It is all run off-grid. Solar panels power the place.  It’s mostly open air with seating under cover and out in the weather. The saloon is an inside building.  There is food offered upstair and down. While the burgers, etc are more reasonably priced, they are pretty tasteless and I wouldn’t buy one again.  Downstairs they have a bigger variety, and more expensive choices.  I can highly recommend the Gyro fries though, if you like Gyro meat.  Crispy fries with feta cheese and Gyro meat…and enough for 2-3 people!  I don’t recommend taking your dog(s) there, though some people do.  It is very crowded and can be very hot for your 4-legged friends. Oh yeah, and BRING CASH! No cards accepted.  You can make it there is a 2 wheel drive car, though I would recommend all wheel or 4 wheel mostly for ground clearance.  It’s a long washboarded and rocky 5 miles.

desert bar roaddesert bar road 1desert bar4desert bar5desert bar6desert bar8desert bar3desert bar1desert bar2desert bar toiletdesert bar sinkdesert bar

Back to Lake Havasu. A great place to sit and have a libation (good margaritas and fruity drinks), enjoy some fresh chips and salsa and watch the people and boats going over and under the London bridge is the Javelina Cantina.  Though there are many locations that would be enjoyable all along the waters edge.

lake havasu14javelina cantinalake havasu16lake havasu15lake havasu13lake havasu12lake havasu11lake havasu8lake havasu7lake havasu5

Leaving Lake Havasu, we headed to Quartzite.  Stopping at a now favorite, Mexican Restaurant, Maya’s Restaurant and Sports Cantina in Parker.  Some of the best salsa I’ve ever had (and they have a salsa bar so you can try different types).  Delicious Chile Rellenos (though they were out on our 2nd time stopping) and tacos.  As a side, the charro beans are tasty choice.

mayas restaurant


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