A walk among giants

We drove south from Eureka to tour the Avenue of Giants. I was in my 20s the last time I had visited the area.   The trees never fail to impress me.   It’s humbling to think of just how long they have been on this earth.

avenue of the giants20avenue of the giants8

Entering some of the groves the temperature drops dramatically.  The sunlight is filtered to almost non-existence.  The heady smell of the earth just about takes your breath away.  I’m always drawn to hold my hands to the bark, feeling like I can get the sense of energy from each tree.

avenue of the giants13avenue of the giants12avenue of the giants3avenue of the giants2

The grove that we chose to spend the most time in was Founders Grove.  We were amazed with the trees that were burned out all the way through and still were growing up above.  The huge burls, and the fauna growing on the downed trees caused us to pause in wonder.  Where one tree had fallen, the size of the splintered wood was awe inspiring.  I can’t imagine the sound of one of these giants falling.

avenue of the giants5avenue of the giants6avenue of the giants4founders treeavenue of the giants19avenue of the giants18avenue of the giants17avenue of the giants16avenue of the giants14avenue of the giants11

I’m glad that there have been people that have dedicated their lives to saving these majestic trees. It is so important for all generations to be able to experience them.  I hope people choose to continue preserving them for generations to come.



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